The two readers for the CHHS Degree Celebration who are members of the platform party should follow the instructions below:

  • Please arrive at the Hospitality Room in EagleBank Arena by 9:00 a.m. to robe with the platform party, the faculty, and doctoral students. Light refreshments will be available.
  • Follow the Platform Party Instructions for the processional line-up and the recessional.
  • During the ceremony when the students are cued to the stage, the first student in each major will hand the Marshal at the top of the ramp (CHHS Marshal) a bright-colored program card with the name of the major printed on it. It will also have printed: “Dean Louis, we present candidates for the degree of bachelor of science in …. .” Read this card first, and then read the name of the first student in that major.
  • Students will hand cards to the CHHS Marshal, stationed at the top of the ramp, who will present the cards alternately to each reader. Read, only the student’s name. Do not read double majors, minors, nicknames, or other stray comments, e.g.: “I love you, Mom!”
  • Since there are two readers, you will have time to lean to the side, if necessary, to ask the student to pronounce his or her name before reading it into the microphone.
  • Try to keep the students moving at an even pace, but make sure that students are not backed-up on stage waiting to shake the dean’s hand. Be aware of students with wheelchairs or crutches who may need special assistance crossing the stage.
  • After reading a name, turn the card over and stack them neatly at the podium so they are kept in order. Usually, there is a photographer’s assistant sitting behind the readers who will take stacks of cards and secure them with a rubber band to keep them in order.


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