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Student participants will help better understand students’ mental and physical health, experiences and perspectives, and a variety of factors that may affect college success. Sign up to be a Health Starts Here Champion today!

Video created by: Veronica Garrison-Joyner, PhD Student, Writing and Rhetoric and Jonathan Mendoza, Vibrent Inc. 


Mason: Health Starts Here is a first-of-its-kind transdisciplinary student cohort study to understand and improve the health and well-being of university students. This research will follow a broad sample of young adults, specifically Mason students, over time to capture the diversity of their experiences in college and how it affects their health and well-being.

A unique feature of this study, Mason: Health Starts Here, is that students in the cohort will will be informed about their health status along the way and given guidance for maximizing their health.

Mason: Health Starts Here is made possible, in part, by a $500,000, 5-year grant from the Mason Institute for Biohealth Innovation (IBI) and support from the Department of Psychology and the College of Health and Human Services.