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COVID-19 Diet Research

coronavirus and pizza

We are conducting a study to examine changes in food-related behaviors, physical activity and weight status among U.S. adults, in this case Mason students, in relation to the COVID-19 preventive measure (IRB# 1590479-1). You will be asked to complete an online survey as part of the study. The survey will take one hour. Our hope is to inform policy and programs that may help college students prepare for, cope with, and recover from emergencies like COVID-19 pandemic.

Participation in the study is voluntary and any information that you share with us is confidential.  You may withdraw from the study at any time and for any reason. You will be entered in a drawing to win one of four $25 gift cards when you complete the online survey. If you decide not to participate or if you withdraw from the study, there is no penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled. There are no costs to you or any other party.  Your academic performance, grades, and student financial assistance are not affected by whether you participate or withdraw from the study.

If you are interested, access the survey here.

Please contact us at at any time if you have any questions (IRB# 1590479-1) and invite your Mason student friends and colleagues to participate as well.

- Dr. Constance Gewa, Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies at George Mason University

Mason: Health Starts Here

student lifting weights

Earn $50 and help us better understand students’ mental and physical health, experiences and perspectives, and a variety of factors that may affect college success.

Mason: Health Starts Here is a first-of-its-kind transdisciplinary student cohort study to understand and improve the health and well-being of university students. This research will follow a broad sample of young adults, specifically Mason students, over time to capture the diversity of their experiences in college and how it affects their health and well-being.

A unique feature of this study is that students will have access to their health information, receive feedback on their health, and be able to share in translating the cohort study findings into actionable solutions.  Watch our brief video here or visit the Mason: Health Starts Here website to learn more and sign up.

IRB# 1432539-1

Helping to Improve Latino Children's Health

child on slide

We are looking for Latino children 5 to 9 years of age. Your family may be eligible for a 10-week free healthy weight program, and monetary compensation and your child’s health report will be provided.

Why participate? Latino children are at high risk for obesity. We are looking to decrease childhood obesity and reduce the risk of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes in the Latino community.

All visits take place in Woodbridge, VA. Participants must live in close proximity to participate, and a parent or guardian must accompany children to visits. 

For more information:
Phone us: (703) 993-4628
E-mail us:

IRB# 1094469-11

Improving Gait and Balance in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease

Person with Parkinson's Diseases participating in research in Mason's Department of Rehabilitation Science

Researchers in the Department of Rehabilitation Science are conducting a study examining gait and balance impairments in individuals with Parkinson’s Disease and what can be done to improve these functions. The study is recruiting people over the age of 18, both with and without a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. 

For more information, email Clinton Wutzke  or call 703-993-1903.

Breast Cancer-related Fatigue

Exercise Class

A group of Mason researchers are examining the impact of a prescribed aerobic exercise routine on breast-cancer related fatigue. Read more about their breast cancer research.

For more information on the study or the grant, contact Lynn GerberAli Weinstein, or Patrice Winter, or call 703-993-5036.

Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury


The research project "Effects of Locomotor Training on Cardiorespiratory Function and Walking Performance in People with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury" seeks volunteers 18 years of age or older with an incomplete spinal cord injury who will commit to two separate visits to laboratory for testing at the start and the finish of 12 weeks of FREE locomotor training.

For more information and eligibility requirements, visit the Department of Rehabilitation Science's website.

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