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As a Carnegie R1 Institution, George Mason University is part of an elite group of doctoral universities in the country that are research intensive. The College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) is dedicated to supporting this research mission and advancing the field of health.

In the college, our research and practice in the community goes hand-in-hand with our teaching. Our research and practice inform our teaching, and our teaching, in turn, informs our research and practice. Our faculty work collaboratively to answer pressing health questions from a multidisciplinary perspective.  

Our students have early opportunities to participate in research and community practice so that they are able to explore their interests and become leaders in the health field. Through participation in CHHS faculty-led research and university-wide research initiatives such as OSCAR Summer Team Projects and the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP), our faculty mentor students in research to help them develop critical analytical and research skills.

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