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Dr. Kimberly Holmes

Kimberly Holmes
Office of Student Affairs
College of Health and Human Services

Office of Academic Affairs Staff

  • Kelly Benedicto

    Graduate Admissions Processor, CHHS

  • Alison Bustria

    Administrative Office Specialist III, CHHS

  • Director, Student Success, Department of Global and Community Health, Public Health

  • Raven Green

    Academic Advisor, CHHS

  • Kimberly Holmes

    Associate Dean for Student Affairs, CHHS

    Dr. Kimberly Holmes is the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, overseeing the functional areas of admissions, academic advising, and student engagement in the college. Throughout her career, Kimberly has been committed to expanding access to higher education and improving outcomes for students from a range of backgrounds.  She has specific experience in college student retention initiatives, first year student transitions, academic advising, graduate student programming, assessment, and undergraduate research programs.
  • Academic Advisor, CHHS

  • Academic Advisor, CHHS

  • Jennifer Sawyer

    Undergraduate Coordinator for Admissions and Recruitment, CHHS

  • Academic Advisor, CHHS