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GCH Student Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society

May 8, 2015

Ji A Park, a BS in public health candidate at George Mason, was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa honor society on April 22, 2015. Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest honor society in the US and strives to advance studies in natural science, social science, and the humanities. Upon receiving her invitation to join the honor society, Park noted “she was honored to be selected by this prestigious society and to be a part of this tradition.”

Park is originally from Seoul, South Korea and received a Bachelor in Science from Seoul National University. In South Korea, she taught general science to middle school students. In 2011, she came to the US to pursue a second degree that focused on health.

“George Mason, because of its reputation as a multi-ethnic school, was a logical choice,” Park said. “It has been an easy adjustment for me as an international student on campus because of the support that the University offers.” To learn more about her host country, Park sought out courses in the humanities to help her further understand Western culture and assimilate to her new environment. She is actively seeking an internship and hopes to remain in the US to work on issues in global health, focusing on minority issues in the international arena.

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